E-Commerce Monitoring Service | Canary

How It Works

use intelligent monitoring to always know when something is happening on your store.

step 1: add your first store

give us some basic information about your store


step 2: connect to your store

use our ready to go plugins for your Magento, Shopify or ASP.net Storefront site to quickly connect your store to our API


step 3: add alerts to your store

use our alert system to be kept up to date on any important changes in your store. Sales crashing? Get an email immediately. Site down? Get a text message now.


step 4: get vital signs of your store 24/7

our totally responsive site will be easy to check on any device you have. so you can see what is going on with your business, even if you are at dinner or somewhere else where you shouldn’t be on your phone.


step 5: intelligent monitoring

we use advanced statistics and machine learning to learn when you get orders and when you don’t so when something goes wrong (or right) we’ll know and let you know via email or text message. it’s like a clone of yourself, watching your store at all times.

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